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WHAT WE DO: We represent landowners and mineral rights owners to get top dollar for an oil and gas lease on their land. Much like a real estate agent finds someone to buy your property, we perform a similar service, except we don't find someone to buy your land, we find an oil or gas company to lease your land. Plus, we perform other valuable services. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone with decades of oil and gas experience to represent in you at the bargaining table? Relax, you've found a friend regarding Haynesville shale leases!

OIL & GAS COMPANIES:   If you are interested in Haynesville shale leases, contact us!

The Haynesville shale / Bossier shale play is one of the hottest oil and gas exploration plays in the United States. It is now thought that the Bossier shale of East Texas and southern Northwest Lousiana is separate from the Haynesville shale of Northwest Louisiana. This play covers a vast area. It is one of the largest gas fields in North America.

(Note: If you spell the shale as "Hainesville," "Hanesville" or "Haynsville," you've misspelled it! Now you know... Haynesville.)

We can represent landowners or mineral rights owners in any area but here are areas we are especially interested in at this time. If you are in another area, check with us, we might be able to help you get a lease, as well.

North Louisiana:
  • Caddo Parish
  • Bossier Parish
  • Webster Parish
  • Desoto Parish
  • Red River Parish
  • Sabine Parish
  • Natchitoches Parish

East Texas:

  • Harrison County
  • Panola County
  • Shelby County
  • Nacogdoches County
  • Rusk County
  • Cherokee County
  • San Augustine County
  • Sabine County
  • Freestone County
  • Limestone County

(Here is a Haynesville shale map.)

If you hire us, we seek offers from many companies interested in obtaining oil and gas leases in the Bossier Shale / Haynesville shale plays. If we get an offer that you elect to take, we represent you and negotiate the terms of the deal for you. A key service we offer is making sure that the lease contract is in your favor. There are certain clauses that we want in that lease for you. They are in your best interest.

Remove the worry, hire an expert. There is too much at stake here. This shale play is the opportunity of a lifetime. Don't miss out, these Haynesville shale leases can be substantial!

Here is the Bio and References page of the founder of HaynesvilleShaleLease.com, which also owns MyOilPro.com: Haynesville shale oil and gas leasing.

NEED CASH? If you need even more cash, we also have investors that speculate by buying mineral rights. They win some, they lose some. If you want an infusion of cash money, you can sell your mineral rights. And you can sell all, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 or other percentage. Life is short, sometimes selling is a smart move. ( information on selling mineral rights and should I sell my mineral rights?)

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